What I Am Giving To The World

My Ability To Help You Unleash Your Maximum Potential

My friends say I am best in the world at helping others overcome their doubts, become aware of their strengths, and take action to make a “long-shot” dream HAPPEN . You have made up your mind to begin working on your personal growth. I am here to tell you that you are more than enough and I will help guide you as you uncover your sleeping potential

My winning formula is to come alongside you so that you can craft clear goals, improve your communication, and become a confident, effective leader on your own journey.


My Inner Coach

As an Olympic Medalist Swimmer, the internal pressure to make everyone happy was so much greater than any external pressure from teammates or coaches. I was stuck in a cycle of self-doubt while focused on trying to please everyone. One day I realized I needed to take new steps to think differently. Very quickly I realized the goals set in front of me were not my own. It was time for personal growth to take ownership of my very own, unique goals and capabilities. Today, I base all of my coaching off of my main mantra, ‘Be You. Do You.’

One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Get specific about exactly what you’d like to do and when.


Unsure where to start? In this session you tap into your sleeping potential.

  • Free 75 minute call

  • Become clear about your values, desires, and mindset

  • Be specific about your personal identity

  • Learn to live in a space of abundance vs.lack

  • Rejoice in your accomplishments and strengths


You too can become great! After you hone in on what you want, we break it down into specific action steps.

  • Three 50 minute phone and/or video calls.

  • Develop a success list based on your values

  • Clear your doubts

  • Build confidence

  • Set specific, measurable, actionable, and timely  goals


RISE Elite

A sport-psychology based approach to mindfulness and personal success in sport and life

RISE Elite is a mental training platform that connects Olympians with athletes through an individual, one-on-one mentoring relationship done via video call.

Olympic Medalist Rebecca Soni and myself have crafted a program that thrives off of elevating athletes’ self-confidence, enhancing their focus to maximize performance, and connecting the dots in all areas of their lives.

The athletes leave feeling that they can achieve balance to become their best selves. Come explore our program now, and get #readytoRISE.

Let’s Work Together