“Savasana in Chicago”

savasanaThis morning, Linz emailed me about an “aha” moment she experienced in her yoga practice, and I felt inclined to ask her if I could share it on my blog. She gladly said yes, and so the below passage is in the voice of Lindsay and her wonderful yoga teacher.

I wanted to share with you something my yoga instructor said this morning that stuck with me.  First off, she’s rad.  She’s like CRAZY good at yoga (former dancer), AND super smart. She likes to demystify terms mentioned in yoga (her way of being creative in her own mind) – so today she said something like this:


vacationI did a bit of a “computer clean-up” both at work and at home today, and so far have come across two main things:

1) A collection of hilarious, “lost” photos from childhood, high school,and college (always provides a solid laugh)

2) My “Vacation Bucket List” (created in 2010)

I will save the photos for another date, but here lies the infamous bucket list of vacation spots that I am now giggling at, as I don’t even know why I chose a few of them! I DO know they should happen. Totally.

I have provided my comments in Italics, because it only made sense to give my 2 cents!

Lumping 3 days together: 30 Days of Gratitude


Going against the norm and lumping 3 days together? Yup. Well, to be honest, I opted to take the quick weekend away from this electronic box that seems to occupy a majority of my time lately…my laptop. The thought of updating little tiny posts on my phone didn’t feel right to me, nor did it feel like I was giving the effort that I would to actually yield my gratitude for specific aspects of my life. That being said, the only thing I really feel like doing right now is recapping my favorite things I am thankful for at this current moment…

Natura Culina!

If you are an all- natural body product junkie like myself, check out Lenka Tenka’s newest business adventure, Natura Culina! It is a skincare line that focuses on fresh, natural, high-quality ingredients from Mother Earth herself. “Nature Culina” means “Nature’s Kitchen”. I am SUPER picky, and this is is some of the most incredible stuff that I have used in a long time. I can assure you that you will LOVE these products once you get your hands on them!