Day Six: 30 Days of Gratitude

Sounds weird, but this morning I am thankful for the quiet, pristine, clean, and peaceful Knoxville Airport! I am currently sitting in a rocking chair with my coffee and book, looking out the window watching the plane prep for our departure. Often times, airports give me anxiety with the constant movement and crowds… But this has been nothing but relaxing actually. Starting the day off in this frame of mind is perfection in my eyes. Whenever the day starts off a bit more relaxed, it creates space for us to be creative, calm, and collected. Florida Keys, here I come! #MhyriagetsHITCHED


Day Two: 30 Days of Gratitude

i. LOVE. SUNDAYS. For me, they are a day to get things done that we do not always have a chance to get done during the week. The theme for today has been Productivity…

Let’s take a second to recap what has gone down today…

Wake up 6 am (I know, I know, cursed). Laundry. Ran dishwasher. Coffee. Breakfast. Feed & Walk Mia. Take out Trash. Laundry folded and put away. Sheets changed on bed. Vacuum. Thoroughly clean all surfaces in my entire kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. Bathtub= scrubbed, bleached, cleaned. Coconut Oiled everything that needed it, including Mia. 8 am = Trader Joe’s Opens, SCORE. Groceries done. Randomly wanted a new trash can. Wal Mart = Rubbermaid chrome t-can on sale (managed to leave with ONLY THIS…new concept). Unload groceries. Unload dishwasher. Write Mother’s Day card, Mhyria/Vlad Wedding card, 2 random cards for fun, & Collin Birthday Card. Rearranged Mia’s food & organized her area. Bathed Mia. 12 pm = TRECS pool opens. Swim 40 mins (see set below from Tito Solano, an old coach of mine). Lay out in the sun for about 30 mins. Now I am sitting at Earthfare with a huge box of food from the Hot Bar and my G.T.’s Gingerade Kombucha (yup) writing this. The end.

I am thankful for SUNDAYS. The perfect day for “me time” for everyone, and another perfect day to get. stuff. done.