May Days


I know, I know. Everyone does the “30 Days of _____”…right?  Well, yes, they do. And every blogger than does it is ON. POINT. Usually a person will partake in something for 30 days, whether it is a healthy eating regimen, yoga poses and meditation mantra’s, or a “Lenten” give-it-up type of promise.  These types of exercises strengthen our thankfulness for what we have in our lives that we take for granted. Lately, I have been feeling like I have SO much to be grateful for, yet I do not take a single moment in my day to slow down and actually reflect on these amazing things. So here comes the fun part…

There are exactly 30 days left in May. Perfect. Here go my 30 Days of Gratitude. Every day, I am going to post something that I am grateful for… something random, funny, silly, lovely, beautiful, quirky, or personal to me. The little things….the things that we forget are so wonderful in our days.

chocolate, lavender, coconut…

ALL of my favorite things… right? FACT. When people use the statement “it is such a small world”, well, it REALLY is. Hilary Phelps, an all-natural “product fiend” like myself, introduced me to Lenka Tinka, a lovely, optimistic, beautiful, and genuine woman with her own organic skin care line named Natura Culina. With her home base in Santa Barbara, California, she has every natural resource at her fingertips…

Okay so enough of my rambling, I would rather give you the down-low on what is now trending in my shower: Layered Chocolate Lavender Body Scrub. How can you resist a scrub made with real sugar, coconut oil, lavender oil, sesame oil, raw honey, and the best part…cocoa powder?!


Everyone must check out her site to see what it is all about… you won’t be disappointed!

(and for the record..the Regenerating Rosehip Facial Oil is to die for…)

here ya go!

“Leadership is not a rank. Leadership is not a position. Leadership is a decision. Leadership is a choice. It has nothing to do with your position in the organization. If you decide to look after the person to the left of you, and look after the person to the right of you, YOU have become a LEADER.”

-Simon Sinek

– Leadership

Essential Diet “Add-Ins” for a Healthy Body

QUICK! Check out some go-to items to incorporate into your daily diet!

1) Dr. Bronners Coconut Oil


– Purchase at: Earthfare/Fresh Market

– 1 tbsp in the AM & 1 tbsp in the PM

– Other uses: as cooking oil (melts easily), body oil, on toast w/ cinnamon, in oatmeal

2) Spinach/Kale

– Purchase at: any grocery store

-The BEST in “Green Smoothies”

-High Iron & fiber content

3) Flax Seed / Ground Flax Seed

-Purchase at: Earthfare, Trader Joes, Publix, Kroger, Fresh Market

-High in: Omega-3 fatty acids & fiber

– Mix in: Green smoothies, oatmeal, etc.

4) Chia Seeds

– Purchase at: Earthfare, Trader Joes, Publix, Kroger, Fresh Market

-They absorb liquids & expand…hence “feel fuller longer”

-Add to: green smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, etc.

-Good source of Fiber/Omega-3’s

-Good for your Heart Health

5) QuestBars

-Purchase at: GNC/Online/WholeFoods/Local Health Shop

-Favorites: Double Dark Chocolate, Cookies n’ Creme, Cookie Dough

-20 grams protein, high in fiber, and best part…NO SUGAR!

6) Almond Butter

– Raw/Organic (you can start with salted at first, but unsalted is better for you)

7) Sweet Potatoes

-NATURE’S MOST WHOLESOME FOOD! (in my personal bias opinion 😉 )

8) Brown Rice

9) Quinoa

-very high protein and fiber content