New to lululemon?

life in luon

I am not even really sure when my love-affair with lululemon Athletica began. Thinking back, perhaps it was my first big purchase with Katie Hoff at Fashion Island in Orange County, California. Naturally, I splurged on the pair of pants that got everyone talkin’ luon…. their Groove Pants in black and bright blue. Yes, that was the day. However, perhaps it was my time at FIDM with Taylor Monk, creating patterns for 6-8 hours on massive drafting tables in downtown Los Angeles. Our outfits on those days never changed; decked out in Scuba Hoodies, Wunder Unders tucked into boots, our hair on top of our head with wide framed glasses intact. That then led to a beautiful year and a half on Beverly Drive at lululemon Beverly Hills, followed by another year at the Showroom in Louisville, Kentucky…. living and breathing the lifestyle in my luon clad attire. Regardless of where I am or what I am/have been doing, lululemon Athletica remains a staple in my wardrobe.


Okay, okay, so you have yet to experience the craze of all things luon? Want to hop on this bandwagon? You don’t have to tell me twice.

Behold, my suggestions for the “Top 5 Go-To’s” when beginning your lulu lovin’:

(yes…one for you, gentlemen…..)


1. Groove Pants


Nutshell: luon; medium-rise, flat waistband/hidden pocket, sweat-wicking & breathable, 4-way stretch; flare leg; reversible

2. Cool Racerback Tank



Nutshell: luon light; long-length, racerback, sweat-wicking & breathable, 4-way stretch

3. Wunder Under Pants/Crops 

wu pantcrop(blue=cropped version)

Nutshell: luon; medium-rise, flat waistband/hidden pocket, sweat-wicking & breathable, 4-way stretch; skinny “legging”; reversible

4. Define Jacket


Nutshell: luon; sweat-wicking & breathable; 4-way stretch; perfect to-and-from any activity; thumbholes, longer in the back than in the front to cover bum; form-fitting at waist

5. Metal Vent Tech(guys, this one’s for you)

metal ventmetal vent

Nutshell: Silverescent Fabric (X-Static powered) inhibits growth of odor causing bacteria; preshrunk; does NOT chafe; sweat-wicking & breathable; lightweight, hip-length…every guy’s fave.



There ya have it. Go to town.


At this VERY moment, I can NOT live without…

1. Trader Joe’s Lavender Dryer Bags

(in the dryer, in your dresser drawers, in your car….possibilities are endless) 




2. Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith

(my favorite excerpts from this will be in a future blog post…)

east west



3. Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

(#BYOC = my newest experiment) 





4. Natura Culina Regenerating Rosehip Facial Oil

(a little bit applied to my face before bed…say no more)



5. MisFit Shine Activity Tracker

(love the sleep tracking element)




6. 5 Gum. Flavor? COBALT.

(i have a problem…)



7. Genuine Joy by Hilary Phelps  { }

(a fantastic blend of passions …all wrapped into one blog)

genuine joy


8. Lara Casey Postcards

(when you just want to send a quick hello… #feelgoods)

9. Hydroflask 40 oz. Water Bottle 

(cold. all. day….perfect for every workout. plus it forces me to HYDRATE!) 
white hydro
10. CraveClean Choco-PB Cupcake Protein Muffins
(Katie sent me a package of these goodies for my birthday… and, well…might just be placing a few more orders. Perfect for post-workout replenishment!)
choco pb
(start the day with one. every. day. 

Take a Yogi to the Barre…


Thought I would share this article today from FitFluential (Twitter Account) on how to incorporate barre moves into your yoga practice, or even to do on your own. Perfect for the consistent yogi’s  that are not able to get their flexible little booties over to the barre as often as they’d like. FitFluential is of my favorite community of fitness enthusiasts, as well as a top-website and blog hit on my personal laptop or phone, ohhhh, 10 times per day.

So give that asana a new meaning this week…. and practice “at the barre! Check it out below.

(NOTE: you do not have to be a yogi to do these at home! Anyone….anytime!)